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What is a face serum ?

Face serums are potent, light-weight formulas designed to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. They are able to penetrate so deeply as they are formulated with ingredients which have smaller molecules, allowing them to be quickly and easily absorbed by the skin. Face serums contain many active ingredients that effectively act on specific skin problems such as wrinkles, a lack of hydration, a pale complexion, pigmentation spots, etc. 


Why should you use a face serum ?

If you use a face serum your skin care routine is more efficient. Thanks to the special formula of a serum, active ingredients can be absorbed more quickly through the skin. A serum opens, as it were, the door for active ingredients, while a cream envelops the skin with a veil that closes it again, so that these active ingredients are retained. 


Why do facial creams not contain higher concentrations of active ingredients ?

From a certain percentage of active ingredients onwards it is impossible to integrate them in a cream, because such active molecules make creamy formulas unstable. A light, permeable serum texture, on the other hand, remains stable and is, for the time being, the only way to give the skin an extra dose of active ingredients through skin care products. 


Can a serum be used without face cream ?

Even though serums are more powerful than creams, they can not completely replace a face cream because they are less comfortable. In order to be able to contain such a high concentration of active substances, the texture of serums must be light and permeable. This light texture therefore has a disadvantage: after the face has been treated, the skin feels slightly tense and unprotected. The use of a facial cream afterwards gives your skin a pleasant, relaxed and protected feeling. 


Can a serum be used under the eyes ? 

Only our eye serum is specifically created for the eye contour area. 


Can you only combine an H&B serum with an H&B face cream ?

The ingredients of the H&B serums and face creams are complementary, there can be no conflicts between them. If, on the other hand, you combine different brands, you always run the risk that products are incompatible. 


From what age can a serum be used ?

Our serums may be used from the age of 25 years. 


Can a serum be used with oily skin ?

A serum is very light and well tolerated by oily skin. You should pay particular attention to the fact that the nourishing cream that you use afterwards is not too rich. Give the serum enough time to penetrate into the skin before applying your day or night cream. 

Do you have more questions ? Feel free to contact us !

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  1. Anti-aging eye serum


    Gives a quick lifting effect.

    Forms an ideal basis for eye make up.

    Sooths and reduces swelling in the eye area

    With UV filter

    Size: 50 ml


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  2. Anti-wrinkle serum


    Gives your skin an extra boost that makes it shine again. 

    Nourishes with a vitamin complex, which improves elasticity and firmness.

    Size : 50 ml


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  3. Lifting & Firming Silk Serum

    Accelerates collagen and elastin production.

    Smooths, sooths and balances the skin

    Perfect base for longer lasting make-up

    Suitable for every skin type

    Size : 30 ml

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  4. Multi-Active Serum

    With hyaluronic acid and caviar extract

    Effective treatment against skin aging

    Content: 40 ml



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4 Item(s)