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Our feet often suffer severely. Every day we take many steps with them, we walk on towering heels or we squeeze them into too small, tight shoes. For that reason alone, they deserve good care.

With these tips you will keep your feet in good condition !

Your feet are your 'third kidney'. Many toxins that your kidneys can not excrete can leave your body through the feet. This is due to the difference in PH value. Many toxins are also excreted via the skin in the shape of rashes, red spots or acne.

To relieve the skin and help your body to excrete waste products through the feet, you can regularly take a foot bath with Dead Sea Salt. This also helps with feet problems like athlete's foot, perspiring feet, swollen and/or cold feet. In addition, it helps against many forms of skin rash and bladder and kidney problems. It can also support detoxification and weight loss treatments.

For a foot bath, use half a cup of Dead Sea Salt. You can crush the salt with a mortar so that it can be absorbed more easily by water. You then dissolve it in hot water and add lukewarm water until your preferred temperature has been reached. Let your feet soak for half an hour and let them dry in open air.

Tip: drink a glass of water both during and after the foot bath. 


Other tips: 

Prevent calluses and gaps:

Scrub your heels 1-2 times a week to remove excess skin cells. Remove excess calluses after each shower (then your skin is soft) with a pumice or lava rock. Massage your feet daily with a moisturizing foot cream. Do not forget your cuticles and the space between the toes ! Make sure the cream is well absorbed before you put on socks. 

Prevent ingrown toenails:

Always cut your toenails straight and file them.

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  1. Avocado Aloe vera footcream

    Prevents and cares for heel fissures 

    Hydrates and disinfects

    Size:  100/180 ml

    Learn More
  2. Argan footcream

    Prevents and reduces dry, rough skin

    Calms irritations and sooths cracked skin

    Neutralises odors and refreshes

    Content: 180 ml

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  3. Mud foot cream

    Prevents and reduces dry, rough skin
    Calms irritations and treats fissures
    For both men and women
    Recommended for diabetic feet

    Size : 200 ml

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  4. Anti-crack foot cream

    Prevents and treats itching, irritation and athlete's foot on feet and toenails.

    Nourishes dry skin and fissures

    Relaxes swollen feet and prevents unpleasant odors. 

    Size : 100/180 ml


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  5. Foot deodorant

    Cools warm, burning and/or tired feet

    Hydrates, refreshes and reduces perspiration

    Size : 100 ml


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  6. Dead Sea salt

    Suitable for all skin types

    Size: 1.2 kg

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  7. Body peeling


    Suitable for every skin type

    Use 1-2 times per week

    Size: 350 ml


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  8. Peeling foot cream

    Removes dead skin cells, cleanses and nourishes the skin.

    Size: 180 ml


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  9. Calendula foot butter

    Treats cracked and dry skin 

    Disinfects and protects against fungus

    Deodorizes for a long time

    Neutralises unpleasant odors

    Suitable for diabetic feet

    Size : 100 ml


    Learn More
  10. Bodypeeling with dead sea mud


    Gently removes dead skinicells

    Nourishes, cleanses & vitalises the skin

    Size : 350 ml

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