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Do you also suffer from frizzy, static hair ?

In winter, chances are that your hair is a lot frizzier and more static than normal.


Frizzy = dry ?

Frizzy hair is caused by external influences. People with wavy, curly hair have a greater chance of frizz, because their hair structure is by nature somewhat drier.


Moisturize your hair

Water, and in particular hot water, dries out your skin and hair tremendously. In winter, most of us are more likely to take a hot shower, which only makes your hair dry out more. Hair that is well hydrated contains a lot of moisture, which means that it is less vulnerable to alternating weather conditions. Dry hair has a higher chance of becoming frizzy. Therefore use both a shampoo, hair conditioner or hair mask to hydrate your hair sufficiently with every wash.


Hydrate your hair


Protect your hair

In addition to regular care, styling products can also help to prevent frizzy hair. You can most effectively prevent it if you make sure that moisture can not penetrate into your hair. This can be achieved by applying a protective layer to your hair using a hair serum or hair cream. Try to avoid styling products with alcohol as this may dry your hair even further and will thus make your hair absorb more moisture from the air.


Avoid damaging your hair

Wet hair is more flexible and will therefore break easier than dry hair. It is the damaging of the hair that causes unwanted frizz. So do not try to comb your hair when it's wet or damp. What works well is to comb your hair with a coarse toothed comb after having used a hair conditioner, so during your shower. Then your hair is covered with a protective layer and can not be damaged. Also try to limit the use of a hair dryer or hair straightener, even if you use styling products that protect your hair from the heat.


Avoid having your hair razor cut

Most hair gets frizzy over time as it is razor cut at the hairdressers rather than scissor cut. Hairdressers often razor cut the front hair and do the hair thinning using this technique. However, this damages the ends of the hair, which causes the hair to get frizzy after a while.


Protect your hair


How does your hair become static ?

Static hair is created by positively charged particles that accumulate on the hair surface. The drier your hair and the air become, the more and faster these particles will accumulate. In winter the air is very dry compared to other seasons. Your hair is also drier, just like your skin becomes drier in winter. The positively charged particles start to repel at a certain moment, which is accompanied by static hair.

Therefore the drier your hair, the greater the chance of it becoming static. So hydrate your hair !


And finally, some advice :

Blow dry

Hot blow drying dries out your hair and makes the air around your hair drier. Try to dry your hair in open air as much as possible or use the hair dryer in the 'coldest' option.


Avoid plastic combs and brushes. Plastic makes static hair even more static. Use brushes and combs made of bone or wood.


Synthetic fabrics create more static electricity. Try to avoid fabrics like nylon and polyester and wear as many natural materials as possible, such as cotton, silk and wool.

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