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The Dead Sea

De dode zee

The Dead Sea lies 417 meters below sea level and is the lowest place on earth. It has its own unique climate. The dry air you breathe in contains 15% extra oxygen which has a positive effect on the airways. Dead Sea products are known for their healing effect with skin complaints. From many corners of the world many come to the Dead Sea yearly to bathe in the mineral-rich water.


The sun often shines and the high concentration of salt and minerals ensures that you stay afloat, a unique experience ! The mud that is extracted from the Dead Sea is also very beneficial for the skin. Because we do not make any minerals in our bodies, we have to take them in by means of food or through the skin. Dead Sea salt contains all the necessary minerals that our body needs. It differs from 'common kitchen salt' because of its high magnesium content (15 times as much as in the conventional salt) and broad spectrum of trace elements. This makes it unique in its chemical composition and contains more than 40 types of minerals each with its own specific effect.


Dead sea salt does not dry out the skin, on the contrary, it moisturizes. The salt maintains the moisture content in the skin. Moreover, the salt water removes the dead skin cells (and in the case of psoriasis, the typical flakes) and has a disinfecting effect. This cleaning ensures that care products are better absorbed by the skin. The use of Dead Sea products makes the skin stronger and more vital due to the constant supply of important minerals. This supports the metabolism and the fluid balance. As a result, the skin builds up a greater resistance to all kinds of diseases and symptoms. Health & Beauty products are naturally preserved (paraben free), perfumed and colored and are therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin.